This summer, feel your best

This summer, feel your best

With summer around the corner, jackets, puffer jackets, and wide-leg pants are making their exit. We can expect to spend more time in our swimsuits or wearing less-concealing clothes such as T-shirts, skirts, or shorts. Some of us are terrified by this seasonal shift and potential wardrobe changes. If we were all eating the same food and doing the same amount of exercise, we would not all look alike. So many factors go into the differences between bodies, like; metabolism, genetics, and how that particular body takes in nutrients.

This perspective is frighteningly prevalent. But there is not necessarily a lot of doom and gloom to keeping things that way.

You are making incredible gains by taking steps to challenge what is considered your average body internally. I would say that we must keep doing those things to change media portrayals. We have to begin valuing the images we see critically. We also need to start talking back to advertisers pushing those images, sending a powerful message to them, but it also increases our cognitive dissonance.

Finally, we need to become disciplined about not changing our looks to fit into beauty ideals and recognize that behaviour as part of the problem.

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